Dental hygiene is not only physically, but also emotionally demanding. Dental hygienists strive to maintain a positive, friendly, and cheerful demeanour to put their clients at ease. Sometimes they are involved in difficult conversations with clients and colleagues. These situations can contribute to stress and/or burnout. Use these resources to help maintain your emotional and psychological health.


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Difficulty in Employment Situations

Hygienists encountering difficult employment situations are encouraged to first discuss the concerns with their employers. Please refer to the CDHA website for guidance. 

If there is no resolution, the hygienist may want to consider contacting Employment Standards at the link below:

Telephone 204-945-3352  or Toll-free in Manitoba 1-800-821-4307. 

Community Legal Education Association: 

This is a program funded by the Law Society of Manitoba and the Manitoba Law Foundation. It is a Law Phone-In and Lawyer Referral Program, where general legal information and advice can be given over the phone in response to caller’s inquiries.  In appropriate situations, there may a referral to a lawyer and the first interview with that lawyer is free for up to half an hour.  Contact info:

Telephone: 204-943-2305 or toll free 1-800-262-8800 (from outside Winnipeg)