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Mentorship plays such an important role in the professional lives of dental hygienists, and both the student and the Mentor grow from the experience. When I reflect on my own career, I am grateful for the powerful, supportive roles that mentors have played in helping me to become both the dental hygienist, and the person, that I have become. Today, in my role as an educator, I find myself mentored by my students. I may be there to teach them, but I am learning from them, as well. Mentorship is a shared experience with shared development and growth; may you all share in these benefits.

Mary Bertone
Director — The University of Manitoba School of Dental Hygiene

The student-mentor relationship isso enriching for both mentor and mentee; and in fact, sometimes you will wonder
who is mentoring who–that is something wonderful which happens as we all
continue to deepen our understanding of our profession.

Laura MacDonald 
President – Manitoba Dental Hygienists Association