The Manitoba Dental Hygienists Association 

Strategic Planning Session Report

Download the full report. (7 pages, 286k)


The Manitoba Dental Hygienists Association met Saturday, September 17th, to identify the organizations strategic priorities and develop a Strategic Plan to guide the organization from 2016 – 2019.

The Vision

Participants discussed their vision for the future of the MDHA, noting that dental hygienist should be recognized by other professionals, and the general public, as oral health care professionals providing quality, client centered oral health care.

All participants agreed to adopt the following Vision Statement for the MDHA:

The vision of the MDHA is for registered dental hygienists to be recognized as primary health care professionals providing quality client centered oral health care for all Manitobans.

The Mission

Participants reviewed the existing mission of the organization determining that it did not adequately illustrate the true mission of the MDHA and that a new mission statement should be developed.

After discussion and brainstorming the following mission statement was developed and all participants agreed that it is an accurate reflection of the mission of the organization:

To advocate and promote the profession of Dental Hygiene; support our member-owners by providing opportunities for professional development to encourage evidenced based practice and life-long learning; and providing education and health promotion to the public

Download the full report. (7 pages, 286k)