The MDHA is going to Brandon, MB on May 5, 2018

Contemporary Ultrasonic Instrumentation:  It’s Time to Rethink Your Curettes

Part 1: Lecture/Discussion  – $80                Unlimited Attendance
Part 2: Discussion/Mini Hands-on  – $80      Max Attendance 24 *

PREREQUISITE:  AM session is prerequisite for the afternoon session

COURSE LENGTH:     AM:  3 hours (starts at 10am)           PM:  3 hours (starts at 2pm)

PARTICIPANT TEACHING TOOLS PROVIDED BY SPEAKER:  Hand-outs, ultrasonic insert kits and typodonts for hands on activities for the afternoon session.


Part 1:  Current research shows that Canadian Dental Hygienists are underutilizing and incorrectly implementing ultrasonics. Video and clinical images will be used as participants enhance ultrasonic knowledge and technique for the removal of calculus, stain and BIOFLM. Users of magnetostrictive and piezo technologies will find the information in this course clinically relevant.

Part 2: Typodonts and ultrasonic instruments will be provided to participants as an opportunity to practice ultrasonic instrument selection, sequencing and adaptation and gain strategies to maximize ultrasonics and minimize hand instrumentation. With the use of a camera, the course facilitator with provide “live” demonstrations to enrich learning.

COURSE OBJECTIVES:  At the completion of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of ultrasonic technology as they apply to the removal of calculus, stain and BIOFILM.  State rational for when not to use curettes.
  • Compare the differences and similarities between magnetostrictive and piezo ultrasonic technologies and how each related to clinical technique.
  • Discuss rational for the optimal selection of ultrasonic inserts for calculus/bioflim removal supra and subgingival.
  • Describe benefits and limitations of straight and curved ultrasonic instruments; gain confidence using left & right inserts/tips.
  • Discuss ‘best practices’ for patient comfort while using ultrasonic technology
To sign up: email info@mdha,ca or call (204)981-7327