3M Identification of Early Dental Caries, Remineralization and Prevention with Varnish Technology – Winnipeg, MB
Event date: September 15, 2017 8:00 am to 12:30 pm

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Over 50 years of extensive research has consistently demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of fluorides in the prevention of dental caries. Professional fluoride treatments have changed over the years, giving practices many treatment options  from which to choose. Currently, the evidence-based choice of fluoride delivery is a varnish treatment which results in less fluoride ingestion and allows for a slower release of fluoride to the tooth surface, aiding in remineralization.

This course will explore topical fluoride treatments, what constitutes an effective varnish, the ease of the application process and client evaluation utilizing the Caries Management By Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) – an effective tool that helps to determine the need for an in-office fluoride treatment.


Irene Iancu began her career in dental hygiene in 2007 after graduating from Oxford College in Toronto. She has worked in various specialties in dentistry including Paedo, Perio, General Practice and Orthodontics. Her goal in her holistic practice is prevention and maintaining an optimal mind, mouth and body connection with her clients.

Irene is a National Speaker and has spoken at Yankee Dental Congress, Greater New York, International Straight Wire and Orthopedic Study Club along with other study clubs internationally. Irene is a quality assurance mentor contracted by the CDHO, a Clinical and Theoretical Dental Hygiene instructor at Oxford College and a practicing dental hygienist in Toronto.


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