Hello MDHA Members!


The MDHA Board of Directors has been approached by an MDHA member asking for assistance in advocating for our profession by lobbying the Provincial Government to change current legislation that would enable dental hygienists to apply their full scope of practice, without restriction in order to improved access to dental hygiene care for all Manitobans.


The MDHA Board of Directors is inviting all members to participate in a letter writing campaign to the Minister of Health and to your local Member of the Legislative Assembly. Participating is easy! Simply click on the link below and follow the directions. This letter campaign is not only for dental hygienists but also for our families, friends, and our patients. Please share this link with those who believe all Manitobans are entitled to better access to dental hygiene care.




In addition to the letter writing campaign we are circulating a petition that will be brought before the Legislative Assembly.  To participate please print the petition here and gather additional signatures if you can and return the signed petition either by scanning it and sending it by email to info@mdha.ca using “Petition” as the subject line; or print the petition, gather signatures and mail it to:


The Manitoba Dental Hygienists Association

200E – 1215 Henderson Hwy

Winnipeg MB  R2G 1L8


By working together we hope that we can influence the government to make changes to the current dental hygiene legislation that will improve access to oral healthcare for all Manitobans.


Yours truly,

MDHA Board of Directors