MDHA Brush for the Cure

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On Sunday, October 2nd, 2016 the Manitoba Dental Hygienists Association will once again be joining tens of thousands of Canadians to participate in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure. 

In accordance with the new policy developped by the MDHA Board of Directors, participation on MDHA Team Brush for the Cure is open only to current MDHA members and their non-dental hygienist family members and friends.  Certificates for a PAR will be sent only to MDHA members who participate on run day, in addition a list of MDHA member participants will be forwarded to the CDHM who will determine eligibility for a PAR.

Lets see if Team MDHA Brush for the Cure can raise more money than we did last year!  Make a post on Facebook with the link to your Personal Run for the Cure page, Tweet about it, send out emails, encourage the people you work with to support you, be creative and lets see the donations come pouring in!

Lets raise a lot of money, have a lot of fun, and do what we can to help beat this awful disease!


Click here for more info and to sign up today.

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Dental Hygienists Untangle the Floss Controversy

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“August 5, 2016

As experts in oral health promotion and disease prevention, Canadian dental hygienists support the use of dental floss as well as other dental aids, such as power toothbrushes and interdental brushes, to clean all tooth surfaces. When food accumulates between teeth, it is metabolized by bacteria to produce plaque. Plaque causes both inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and the demineralization of teeth, which leads to tooth decay.” (CDHA New Releases, 2016)

Do you have questions about the effectiveness of flossing?  Click here for the press release from the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association and talk to your dental hygienist for expert advice on the benefits of flossing.




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