The MDHA would like to invite you to be a part of the MDHA/School of Dental Hygiene Mentorship Program. This program plays a vital role in the dental hygiene students transition from a student to a practicing dental hygienist.
As a mentor, you will have a lasting impact on your mentee’s educational experience, and the future of our profession. Mentorship not only helps guide your mentee, it provides you the mentor with a great environment to meet other dental hygienists and to build new connections within our profession.
The dental hygiene students bring with them current knowledge of our profession, and you the mentor brings clinical and employment experience of the real world. Both mentor and mentee can learn from each other. Can you see how this truly can be a win/win situation for all those involved!?
Your role as a mentor would include the following:
  1. A two year commitment (You will remain with your mentee for the duration of their 2 years at the School of Dental Hygiene)
  2. Attend the MDHA sponsored networking evenings. These occur once per term, which would total 4 evening events throughout the 2 years.
  3. In the first year, your mentee will observe you in practice twice.
  4. In the second year, your mentee would observe you in practice once.
  5. Attend the MDA/Faculty of Dentistry Graduation Breakfast within the graduation year of your mentee in late May.
  6. Be a consistent source of encouragement and a resource for your mentee if they have any questions, concerns, or require support throughout their 2 years of education.

We would love to have you as part of the Mentorship Program. We invite dental hygienists from all walks of the profession – newer grads (min. one year experience), established DH’s within specialty or general practices, or within health promotion.
Keep in mind, volunteering for the Mentorship Program is not only fun it is a great way to tackle some criteria within the CDHM’s Continuing Competency Program.
The commitment is small, but the rewards are BIG!
Sound interesting? Have questions? Contact us ASAP as the School of Dental Hygiene’s newest incoming class starts in mid-August.You can contact us at: or call and leave a message for us at : 204-981-7327
Excited to hear from you!
Talk soon,
MDHA Mentorship Committee