Do you use local anesthesia intermittently? Has it been a few years since you have taken the Local Anesthesia Workshop? Are you feeling like you could be more up to date in the theory and practice of local anesthesia? Then this course is for you!

The School of Dental Hygiene, Faculty of Dentistry, is now offering a Dental Hygiene Local Anesthetic Refresher Course.

This one-day refresher course is designed for practicing dental hygienists who have taken the Manitoba Local Anesthesia course in the past. The course consists of a three-hour review of the theoretical material, clinical techniques and current information on pain management, including Oraqix® and Pharmacology update. In the afternoon session, participants will practice the administration of local anesthesia on each other.

All participants (Manitobans or out-of-province) are to provide the School of Dental Hygiene with a copy of their current license, CPR certification, malpractice insurance and UM Local Anesthesia certificate. Registration deadline is September 10, 2011.

All participants will receive a certificate of participation. The program will be offered subject to a minimum number of participants registered.

For further information, you may contact Lisa Chrusch at the School of Dental Hygiene (204) 272-3062.

Download the registration form.