Local Anesthetic Revisited

Presented by Prof. Salme Lavigne
Faculty of Dentistry, Schwartz Theatre, 9:00am-1:00pm

This 3 hour update on local anesthesia will rekindle your knowledge of local anesthetic administration and introduce you to what’s new and what’s changed in the world of anesthesia. You will be introduced to some new anesthetic systems that have just reached the Canadian market and will have the opportunity to have a hands-on look at these products and even try them if you wish. Additionally the course will include an overview of the infra-orbital injection which is now part of the School of Dental Hygiene curriculum. A question and answer period will provide opportunities for brainstorming and problem-solving of issues that you may have encountered with local anesthetic administration.

Cost $50 MDHA members and $95 non-MDHA members.

All registrants in attendance will receive:

  • a free “Oraqix technique and product DVD” . (30 minutes in length)
  • soft cover textbook “Introduction to Dental Local Anaesthesia” by Hans Evers an Glenn Haegerstam ($60 value)
  • “Dentsply” tin stackers

Thank you Dentsply for their generous support.

To register :
Call 981-7327 or email info@mdha.ca
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