Continuing Education Program
Faculty of Dentistry, School of Dental Hygiene
University of Manitoba

November 6-8, 2009

This course will prepare the dental hygienist to become competent in the administration of both block and infiltration local anesthesia. Emphasis is placed on the mechanisms of pain and a thorough understanding of the pharmacology of dental drugs and their interaction with the client’s current conditions and medications. The course consists of a minimum of 6 weeks of self-study prior to the 3-day workshop. Examination of didactic material will occur on the first day of the workshop following a review of didactic materials. The second and third days of the workshop will consist of the clinical administration of anesthesia on each other. This course is recognized by the following provincial licensing authorities: BC, AB, SK, MB

Duration: Minimum 6 weeks self-study
24 hours course attendance (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Participants must be graduates of an accredited Dental Hygiene Program and hold current licensure in their province or state of residence. Participants must also hold a current certification in CPR (Basic Rescuer Level) and hold current malpractice insurance.

Proof of all the above credentials must accompany the
registration form (PDF, 2 pages, 244 KB).